Increased Estate Tax Exemption for 2017

Official numbers from Treasury will not be released until late October, but here are my projections for 2017 estate and gift tax exclusion amounts:

  • The Basic Exclusion Amount (IRC §2010(c)(3)) used to compute the Unified Credit Against Estate Tax will probably be $5,500,000; this would be an increase of $50k (or 0.9%) over 2015’s exclusion amount;
  • This Basic Exclusion Amount of $5,500,000  is equivalent to a Unified Credit of $2,145,800;
  • The Gift Tax Annual Exclusion amount (IRC §2503(b)) should stay at $14,000; we should see the next increase in the Gift Tax Annual Exclusion in 2018.

These predictions assume that Congress makes no changes to the estate and gift tax laws before the end of the year.


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